The Creators

The concept and idea for Don’t Poop On My Lawn! began when the youngest member of the Solano family, Cameron, was repeatedly saying the word “poop” while playing a board game. Suddenly his father, Cosmo Solano said out loud… “we should make a game called “Don’t Poop on My Lawn!” with no idea what it might be.

The original concept for the game was created by Cosmo Solano, professional Magician, entrepreneur, and inventor. Cosmo has created several products for magicians on an international level, performs throughout the U.S. for corporate and private clients and has had 4 successful kickstarter projects under his belt!

Carrie Solano, is the glue that holds the Solano household together.  She spends her time keeping everyone on track, works tirelessly to help with the family business (Spectrum Playing Cards LLC) and has been known to pour silocone into molds of tiny fake poop, as well as make thousands of plastic doggies for the game.

Devin Solano, currently a college student, (oldest sibling) created the strategy for the game and designed the SQUIRREL! and the Teddy Bear Fetch Cards in the game.

Cameron Solano, (youngest sibling) is currently a high school freshman, and has greatly influenced the game with several ideas and tons of valuable input (and opinions!).

Bella Solano, daughter, college student, didn’t have much of anything to do with the game but I wanted to mention her here, mostly because she’s awesome and she’s my daughter!