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My family and I just got done playing our first game and had a great time. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching someone get a long string of grunts and groans to finally lose it all in the end. That, and watching someone successfully drop 8 poops on the lawn of your chosen nemesis. This game is a lot of fun and laughed through the whole thing.   –Baronfig Kickstarter Backer

Omigosh, we haven’t laughed so hard and had so much fun playing a board game in quite a while! Our favorite part was turning over the “poop” cards and finding out that you only farted! HILARIOUS! Thanks for making this game!
-Tracy B. 

Been meaning to send this to you guys for a while! Sorry took so long… We played the game over the Christmas break, (thanks for going out of your way to get it to us!) and we had a BLAST! My kids were screaming “poop! poop! poop!” every time someone landed on the lawn to poop! We played the game four times in a row! Nice job!  –Ron S. 

We received the “Collector’s Edition” game. (thanks didn’t expect an autographed and numbered certificate!  BONUS!) We couldn’t wait to play! We were laughing the whole time, and I don’t think I’ve said the word “POOP” so many times in my life! My husband was already figuring out strategies and getting pretty competitive, all over pooping on other player’s lawns! LOL! Thanks we love the game!! -Alison H.

The game is a blast! we have had a lot of fun playing it! thank you so much! -Rory H. Kickstarter backer

Heya. We played Don’t Poop on My Lawn last night. Had a blast. I haven’t said the word “Poop” that much since, well, ever. -Dean C. Kickstarter Backer

Got my game today and got to play yeah. LOVE It  -Darlene O.