Don’t Poop on My Lawn! STANDARD EDITION


A card game of neighborhood Lawn Sabotage

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Product Description

We’ve FUNDED on Kickstarter at 286 %!
We have a limited number of games now available!

Includes 90 playing cards
5 little Doggies
and a bag of poop.


Don’t Poop On My Lawn is a hilarious card game of Lawn Sabotage!

Send your Doggie out into the neighborhood on a mission… TO DESTROY YOUR NEIGHBOR’S LAWN!
But watch out! You might be chased off with a garden hose or the sprinklers!
Or your neighbor may throw a stick, a ball or a chew toy just to confuse you!!

And don’t get distracted by the squirrel, or caught by the dog catcher!

Did you get into the trash? That’s okay! Now you’ve got double the pooping power!

While your doggie is out doing his business, protect your lawn with fences and clean it up with pooper scoopers!

And you’ll win the Neighborhood yard award if you can complete your “poop-free” lawn before anyone else!

*Minor details, designs and artwork for the game are subject to change during the pre-order phase.  Any changes made are made to improve game play.

Additional Information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 10 x 4 in


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