Game Play

Instructional Video:

Game Play Overview

The object of Don’t Poop On My Lawn! Is to lay out six grass cards in front of you to build a beautiful and complete lawn!   The problem is the neighborhood is full of Dogs and they’re out to poop on your lawn!

To build your lawn, you lay out GRASS cards, (one per turn) directly in front of you in a row.
(Below shows 6 grass cards just for demonstaration, laying out 6, means you would win! )

To wander about the neighborhood, you play a Walkies Card:
(Your doggie starts out in “home position”)

Once you’ve played the Walkies card you can move out and around the neighborhood.
(Once you’re “walking” you can hop onto your opponents Lawn)

Now you can POOP!

You get to “Poop!” as soon as you step onto someone’s Lawn.
To Poop, pick up the “Poop Pile” cards and deal them one at a time.  You might turn over “Push”, “Grunt” and “Squeeze” cards.  Keep going until you reach a “POOP” card or a “FART” card.

 If you turn over a poop card, place the SAME amount of poops on the grass card as cards you dealt.

But if you turn over a FART card, it’s a false alarm and you don’t poop at all!

Now you know how to move and poop, here’s some other things you can do:

If other doggies are trying to poop on your lawn, you can send them home or to another neighbor’s yard with the following cards:

Fetch card: Place ANY doggie on ANYONE’S grass card!
Sprinklers: Send ALL doggies on your grass HOME.
Garden Hose: Stop a doggie from pooping on your lawn and send it HOME.
Squirrel: Place ALL of your neighbor’s dogs to ONE neighbor’s yard to poop!

These cards help you…

Bad Food: Poop TWICE as much!   License:  Cancels the Dog Catcher
Pooper Scooper: Get rid of poop on you lawn!  Jump the fence:  Jump over a neighbor’s fence and poop!
Extended Leash:  Take an EXTRA turn!

And these cards HURT you…

Bad Dog: Sends you HOME and cancels your “Walkies” (you need a new one to replace it)
Dog Catcher: Sends you home and you lose a turn!
(if you have a dog license you can cancel the dog catcher!)

And a couple more…

Play a fence in FRONT of your grass cards to keep doggies off
You can GO PEE PEE instead of pooping!
(this makes your neighbor put on a whole new grass card!)